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Welcome to Open Photo Booths:
Capturing Moments, Creating Memories
At Open Photo Booths, we're more than just a photo booth rental service; we're your partners in making your special moments unforgettable. We bring creativity, technology, and fun together to elevate your events to the next level.

London's Most Popular Photo Booth Pod


Capture Memories in High-Quality Prints Our Photo Booth Pod.
Our pod takes your event to the next level with stunning, instant prints, in both digital and actual printed prints. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or birthday party, our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures that you and your guests go home with beautifully crafted keepsakes or have them emailed instantly.


Elevate the Fun with Animated GIFs With our Photo Booth Pod.
GIFs come to life! It's not just about static photos; it's about capturing the essence of your event in lively, shareable animations. Strike a pose, add some quirky props, and let the GIFs roll. It's a fantastic way to inject fun and energy into any occasion.


Boomerang Moments That Loop Forever Experience.
The excitement of Boomerang-style videos with our Photo Booth Pod. This feature creates mesmerizing looping videos that add a unique twist to your event. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, corporate success, or a milestone birthday, Boomerang moments will keep everyone entertained and sharing the joy.

Video Messages

Heartfelt Video Messages, Right from the Pod.
Our Photo Booth Pod isn't just about capturing photos; it's a platform for your guests to leave heartfelt video messages. Whether it's a sweet wedding wish, a congratulatory message, or simply sharing the joy of the moment, our video message feature allows you to create lasting memories in motion.

Next-Day Delivery & Instant Sharing

At our Photo Booth Pod, we believe in preserving memories and making them easily accessible. That's why we offer next-day delivery of your event pictures, allowing you to relive the joy and excitement quickly. Plus, if there's good Wi-Fi at your event, we can take it a step further by instantly emailing the pictures to your guests. Share the fun and capture the moments with our efficient and convenient picture delivery options.

About Us

At Open Photo Booths, we are the leading photo booth rental service in London, specialising in creating unforgettable memories at celebrations across the UK capital since 2012.

Our Vision:
We believe every event deserves show-stopping photo booth moments to remember forever. As your trusted partner in photo booth rental in London, UK, our commitment is to deliver professional-grade photo booth studios that capture the essence of your special celebrations through creativity, innovation, and fun. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or university ball, we handle every detail with care so you can relax and enjoy. With custom-designed modern photo booths, we add a touch of glamour and excitement to turn your event memories into lifetime keepsakes.

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Why Us?

London’s Top-Quality Photo Booths:
At Open Photo Booths, we specialise in professional photo booth rental in London, UK, delivering stunning photos, GIFs, videos, and instant prints from our cutting-edge booths. We invest in the best equipment so you and your guests enjoy the ultimate photo booth experience.

Endless Customisation for Your London Event:
We understand every celebration is unique. That’s why we offer extensive customisation from fun props to stylish backdrops to branding options that perfectly match your London event’s theme. Make your party truly one-of-a-kind with Open Photo Booths.

Experienced, Friendly Team:
Our staff goes beyond service to fully partner in delivering a seamless, enjoyable photo booth experience across London, UK. From setup to operation, our friendly attendants assist guests and ensure everyone has fun posing at our professional photo booths in London.

Affordable Photo Booth Rental:
Top quality doesn’t mean high prices with Open Photo Booths. As your affordable photo booth rental provider in London, we offer competitive pricing packages to fit various event budgets.

Proven Track Record of Success:
Our extensive event galleries showcase the excitement our digital photo booth rentals create across celebrations in London, UK. From vibrant selfie photo booth moments at weddings to hilarious snapshots at corporate parties, our service history reflects expertise in elevating special occasions.

Ready to Make Photo Booth Memories? Choose Open Photo Booths to embark on creating unforgettable memories through London photo booth rentals suited expressly for your celebration. Contact us today!

Ready to Elevate Your Event?
With Open Photo Booths, you’re not just booking a service; you’re embarking on a journey to create lasting memories. Contact Us today to secure your date, or request a custom quote based on your event’s unique requirements. Let’s make memories together!

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