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Photo Booth London: What to Expect and How to Choose?

Photo Booth London: What to Expect and How to Choose? When planning an event in London, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any other celebration, a photo booth can be a fantastic addition. Photo booths are not only a source of entertainment but also create lasting memories for your guests. However, with so many options available, how do you choose the right photo booth service in London? In this guide, we'll explore what to expect from a photo booth service in London and how to make the best choice for your event.

What to Expect from a Photo Booth Service in London

  • Variety of Photo Booth Types: London photo booth companies offer a wide range of photo booth types to cater to different event styles and preferences. Here are some popular options:
  • Open Photo Booths: These are versatile and allow for more people to be in the shot. They are perfect for large gatherings and events where you want to capture group photos.
  • Vintage Photo Booths: Ideal for themed events or weddings, vintage photo booths add a nostalgic touch with their classic designs.
  • Green Screen Photo Booths: These booths use green screen technology to transport your guests anywhere in the world. They are great for themed parties and corporate events.
  • Mirror Magic Photo Booths: These interactive booths feature a mirror with touch screen capabilities, adding a fun and modern twist to traditional photo booths.
  • Studio Photo Booths: Offering high-quality lighting and professional-grade cameras, studio photo booths provide a more polished and sophisticated photo experience.
  • Digital Photo Booths: These booths are equipped with digital sharing options, allowing guests to instantly share their photos on social media.

Customisation Options

Photo booth rental services in London offer various customisation options to match your event's theme and branding. You can expect personalised photo templates, backdrops, and props that reflect the style of your event. For corporate events, you can even include company logos and branding on the photo prints.

High-Quality Prints and Digital Copies

One of the key features of modern photo booths is the ability to provide high-quality prints and digital copies. Your guests can receive instant photo prints as souvenirs and also have the option to download digital copies, ensuring they can cherish the memories long after the event.

Professional Attendants

Most photo booth companies in London provide professional attendants to manage the booth during your event. They ensure everything runs smoothly, assist guests with using the booth, and handle any technical issues that may arise.

Social Media Integration

With the rise of social media, many photo booths now come with social media integration. Guests can instantly share their photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, adding a fun and interactive element to your event.

How to Choose the Right Photo Booth for Your Event

Determine Your Needs

The first step in choosing the right photo booth for your event is to determine your specific needs. Consider the type of event, the number of guests, and the theme. For example, a wedding photo booth in London might require different features compared to a corporate photo booth.

Research Local Photo Booth Companies

Start by researching local photo booth companies in London. Look for companies with good reviews and a solid reputation. Websites, social media pages, and review platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of service offered by different companies. Check the Range of Services Different photo booth companies offer varying services. Check if the company provides the type of photo booth you want (e.g., open photo booth, green screen photo booth, vintage photo booth). Also, consider additional services like custom branding, social media integration, and professional attendants.

Compare Packages and Pricing

Photo booth rental prices in London can vary widely depending on the type of booth, duration of the rental, and additional services. Request quotes from multiple companies and compare their packages. Make sure to consider what’s included in each package to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

View Portfolio and Samples

Before making a decision, ask to see a portfolio or samples of previous work. This will give you a better idea of the quality of photos and the customisation options available. A reputable photo booth company should be able to provide examples of different types of events they’ve catered to.

Read the Contract Carefully

Once you’ve selected a photo booth company, carefully read the contract before signing. Pay attention to details such as cancellation policies, setup and breakdown times, and any additional fees. Ensure that all agreed-upon services and terms are clearly outlined in the contract.

Consider the Space and Setup Requirements

Make sure the venue has enough space to accommodate the photo booth you choose. Discuss setup requirements with the photo booth company to ensure there won’t be any issues on the day of the event. Some booths, like open photo booths, require more space than enclosed booths.

Ask About Customisation Options

Customisation is key to making your photo booth experience unique and memorable. Ask the photo booth company about their customisation options for photo templates, backdrops, and props. For corporate events, enquire about branding opportunities.

Enquire About Technical Support

Technical issues can arise during an event, so it’s important to choose a company that offers reliable technical support. Ask if a technician or attendant will be present during the event to handle any potential problems.


Choosing the right photo booth for your London event involves careful consideration of your needs, thorough research, and attention to detail. By understanding what to expect from a photo booth service and following the steps to choose the right one, you can ensure a fun and memorable experience for your guests. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any other celebration, a photo booth can add a unique and entertaining element that captures the joy and excitement of the occasion. Remember to incorporate key factors such as the type of photo booth, customisation options, quality of service, and pricing when making your decision. With the right photo booth, your event in London will be a resounding success, leaving your guests with lasting memories and plenty of smiles.

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